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                Current location: Home >> About us
                Office: The Coastal Economic
                            Development zone,Changyi,             Weifang 261300, Shandong
                            Province, China
                Tel: 0086-536-7118957
                Fax: 0086-536-7128927
                About us
                Weifang Tongrun Chemical Co., Ltd locate in the flourishing Shandong Peninsula and the Buzhuang Chemical zone at Pan-Bohai Economic Belt, it’s between the nice coastal city Qingdao and the international kite city Weifang , 130km to Qingdao Airport and 40km to Weifang urban area. It covers 125acre, has more than 100 staff, among which above 50% is engineer and technician. It’s a technology-oriented enterprise with excellent R&D ability and solid foundation for scientific research. We can provide customers satisfac-tory service in all fields.
                Our company mainly engages in the development and production of additive agents, polymer intermediates, dying stuffs, and pesticide intermediates.