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                Current location: Home >> Products
                Office: The Coastal Economic
                            Development zone,Changyi,             Weifang 261300, Shandong
                            Province, China
                Tel: 0086-536-7118957
                Fax: 0086-536-7128927

                CAS Number:1948-33-0
                Category:Phenol and Quinone
                Properties:white to off-white crystals

                Tert-Butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ)
                Chemical name: tert-butyl hydroquinone;Butylhydroquinone
                CAS Number: 1948-33-0
                Technical conditions:
                Appearance: white to off-white crystals
                Melting point: 126.5-128.5 °C
                Content: 99.0%Min
                Use: A useful antioxidant for unstable organic liquids such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, certain oils, ethers, and aldehydes. Also an effective heat and light stabilizer for the pressure-sensitive adhesives based on polyvinylethers. In addition, can be used as a polymerization retarder for unsaturated polyesters and certain other polymerizable systems.
                Packing: 25kgs fiber drum.