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                Current location: Home >> Products
                Office: The Coastal Economic
                            Development zone,Changyi,             Weifang 261300, Shandong
                            Province, China
                Tel: 0086-536-7118957
                Fax: 0086-536-7128927

                CAS Number:95-71-6
                Category:Phenol and Quinone
                Properties:white to off-white crystals


                 Chemical name  2,5-Dihydroxytoluene 
                 INCI    name       

                 2-Methylhydroquinone; 2,5-Dihydroxytoluene; THQ;
                 Toluhydroquinone; methyl hydroquinone;2-Methylhydroquinone;
                 P-toluhydroquinone;2-Methyl Hydroquinone;

                 CAS-No.  95-71-6
                 Product Description

                 Toluhydroquinone (THQ) is a tan to white crystalline solid. THQ undergoes chemical reactions similar to those of hydroquinone. The presence of a methyl group in the ortho position in the toluhydroquinone molecule accounts for the slight structural and behavioral differences between toluhydroquinone and hydroquinone. Toluhydroquinone is a highly active inhibitor in the free radical polymerization of vinyl monomers and unsaturated polyesters.

                 Appearance off-white to white powder 
                 Purity  99.0%min
                 Melting Point (Deg C )  126oC min
                 Loss on Drying  0.5%max
                 Ash  0.04%max
                 Application/Uses      ●Antioxidant
                ? ●Catalyst in the oxidation of mercaptans
                ? ●Catalysts
                ? ●Photographic developers
                ? ●Photographic products
                ? ●Polymerization inhibitor
                 Storage  Keep in cool, dry places. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture.
                 Package  25kg Cardboard Drum , also As client's requirement.
                 Spec inquiry  Please feel free contact us trun@wftrun.com