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                Current location: Home >> News >> Meicheng Inc., opened
                Office: The Coastal Economic
                            Development zone,Changyi,             Weifang 261300, Shandong
                            Province, China
                Tel: 0086-536-7118957
                Fax: 0086-536-7128927

                Meicheng Inc., opened

                Date:2012-10-08        Source:Weifang TongRun Chemical Co.,ltd.

                Dear partner:
                  To explore the international market, Meicheng Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, was incorporated in Los Angeles, the West Coast of the United States, on July 10, 2012. Meicheng is mainly responsible for business development and after-sales service in the emerging international markets.
                Add:6260 RIVER CREST DR #E RIVERSIDE CA 92507 USA

                Hope is the common ideal friends hand in hand with the world!

                Weifang Tongrun chemical Co.,Ltd.
                Meicheng Inc.,