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                Office: The Coastal Economic
                            Development zone,Changyi,             Weifang 261300, Shandong
                            Province, China
                Tel: 0086-536-7118957
                Fax: 0086-536-7128927

                New wftrun website is online

                Date:2011-08-18        Source:wftrun

                Starting August 18,2911 our new  website is online.

                All information related to our company and manufacture productions are now available at an own product homepage in Chinese and English.

                Please feel free to send us your comments and ideas regarding our new web presence.

                E-Mail contact: trun@wftrun.com

                Contact:Frank Pang

                Dear Customers,
                If you want to learn more information of this product, please send Email to: trun@wftrun.com, Our sales team will reply you within 24 hours.
                Also you could contact our sales team directly by Tel or Fax as following:
                Tel: +86 15053619939
                Looking forward to getting your inquiry and wish could serve you soon.

                Best regards
                Weifang Tongrun Chemical Co., Ltd.